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Skateboard Lesson

For beginners & intermediate - For Adults and Kids

 Professional instruction with Eden, Founder of Super School

Skateboard Lesson Details


Galit Skate Park, Tel Aviv
Beginners / Suitable only

Skate Park Ramat Gan
Beginners / Suitable only

National Park, Ramat Gan

What is included in a Skateboard Lesson?

Skateboard (store link),

Protectors and instruction with Eden.

What is The Price of
The Lesson?

Private = 220 NIS

2 People = 340 NIS

*contact me for 3+ group

*Additional payment for skatepark, Friday+Saturday, and booking after 4:00 p.m

How long is
The Lesson?

50 minutes

Who is The

Lesson For?

Any healthy person who is able to run and wants to learn to ride a skateboard from 0.

Do I Need to Bring Something Special?

 Personal equipment if you have

(bicycle helmet is fine also)

What Day & Time Can I Do The Lesson?

Every day according to the schedule, 7 days a week.

Also on Friday & Saturday.

*Sunday to Thursday

08:00-16:00 at regular price

*Additional payment for skatepark, Friday+Saturday, and booking after 4:00 p.m

What Exactly Do I Learn?
Skateboarding for beginners

1. Understanding the equipment, common language.

2. How to stand stable & correctly on the skateboard.

3. How to navigate and turn with the skateboard using the trucks.

4. Creating forward motion & Stability exercises.

5. Navigation practice and turns with the trucks & the "Kick Tail".

6. Practicing 2 types of stopping.

9. Managing the skateboard with the leg.

10. Freestyle tricks for beginners :)


For intermediate street/park skateboarding:

1. The basic ollie jump !

2. 180 jump !

3. Roll in and more exercises at the skate park.

4. And more...

And most importantly - the goal is to have fun!

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