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Surf Course

at Tel Aviv | For Beginners

Professional Instruction With Eden, Founder of Super School

Surf Course Details

Where is the Surf Course?

Trumpeldor Beach, Tel Aviv

How Long is The Surf Course?

4 - 10 Hours

Price of The
Surf Course

Contact me for

Price & suitability

What's Included in The Surf Course?

Instruction With Eden in a Quality Beginner Group

 including all the equipment:

Surfboard, Shirt, Suit (in winter).

Do I Need to Bring Something Special

No. Just Your Bathing Suit & Regular Beach bag: Towel, Water, Sunscreen...

Who is The
Course For?

Anyone age 18+

who can swim and have basic fitness that wants to learn surfing from 0 & Have Fun!

*There is another option for ages 3-18 Contact Me

What Days Can I Do The Surf Course?

Every Day

According to the forecast.

7 days a week, holidays, Saturdays. Everything is optimized for you!

at What Time Can I Come For a Lesson?

Send me a WhatsApp with preference for the day and hour, and I will check if it is possible in terms of the forecast, and availability in my schedule.

Can I Do a Private Course?
or With Friends?

Yes - Contact me.

Can I Book
Only 1 Lesson?

Yes! You can enjoy from a surfing lesson even if you do it 1 time 😀

What will I know After the Lesson?

You will know how to surf and be independent at the sea at a Beginner Level

What Exactly Do I Learn?
Beginners Surf Course

Core 7 Skills for the Beginning Surfer

International Professional Standard!


1. Understanding the equipment, Common language & Carrying the surfboard.

2. Paddling correctly with the board.

3. Entering the surf zone.

4. Catching white water waves in the prone position.

5. Standing & Riding white water waves.

6. Traversing right & left.

7. Safe Dismpunt & Wipeout.

And Most Importantly

The Goal is To Enjoy & Have FUN !

Not Sure Yet?

Contact me and start with 1st Lesson.


Ready to Start Surfing?

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