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Surf Course

at Tel Aviv | For Beginners

Professional Instruction With Eden, Founder of Super School

Surf Course Details

Where is the Surf Course?

שיעור גלישה תל אביב

Trumpeldor Beach, Tel Aviv

How Long is The Surf Course?

4 - 10 Hours

Price of The
Surf Course

Contact me for

Price & suitability

What's Included in The Surf Course?

Instruction With Eden in a Quality Beginner Group

 including all the equipment:

Surfboard, Shirt, Suit (in winter).

Followers Bonus !

  • קורס גלישה

Do I Need to Bring Something Special

 No. Just Your Bathing Suit & Regular Beach bag: Towel, Water, Sunscreen... 

Who is The
Course For?

Anyone age 18+

who can swim and have basic fitness that wants to learn surfing from 0 & Have Fun!

*There is another option for ages 3-18 Contact Me

What Days Can I Do The Surf Course?

Every Day

According to the forecast.

7 days a week, holidays, Saturdays. Everything is optimized for you!

at What Time Can I Come For a Lesson?

Send me a WhatsApp with preference for the day and hour, and I will check if it is possible in terms of the forecast, and availability in my schedule.

Can I Do a Private Course?
or With Friends?

Yes - Contact me.

Can I Book
Only 1 Lesson?

Yes! You can enjoy from a surfing lesson even if you do it 1 time 😀

What will I know After the Lesson?

You will know how to surf and be independent at the sea at a Beginner Level

What Exactly Do I Learn?
Beginners Surf Course

Core 7 Skills for the Beginning Surfer

International Professional Standard!


1. Understanding the equipment, Common language & Carrying the surfboard.

2. Paddling correctly with the board.

3. Entering the surf zone.

4. Catching white water waves in the prone position.

5. Standing & Riding white water waves.

6. Traversing right & left.

7. Safe Dismpunt & Wipeout.

And Most Importantly

The Goal is To Enjoy & Have FUN !

Not Sure Yet?

Contact me and start with 1st Lesson.


Ready to Start Surfing?

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